Below you can find a list of select publications from Speech Lab Groningen and its individual team members.


Bartelds, M., Richter, C., Liberman, M., & Wieling, M. (2020). A New Acoustic-based Pronunciation Distance Measure. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence. Read here. DOI: 10.3389/frai.2020.00039


Rebernik, T., Jacobi, J., Jonkers, R., Noiray, A., & Wieling, M. (submitted, 2020). Data collection practices in electromagnetic articulography: reviewing three decades of literature and some suggestions for improved experimental approachesRead here (including supplementary material).

Wieling, M., Blankevoort, C., Hukker, V., Jacobi, J., de Jong, L., Keulen, S., Medvedeva, M., van der Ploeg, M., Pot, A., Rebernik, T., Veenstra, P., & Noiray, A. (2019). The influence of alcohol on L1 vs. L2 pronunciation. Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Melbourne, Australia 2019. Read here